Water has more qualities than any other liquid on this planet.

The image to your right, says it all.Myself I drinking a minimum of 2.2 Liters a day! You might not care so much about the facts on the picture which I would understand since you might not be so much of a health fanatic. But here are the reasons why I drink water, which might make you change your mind.

- It gets your metabolism going in the morning by flushing out acids and unnecessary waste! It also speeds up the metabolism! What does that mean? You can eat a lot more without getting fat and worrying about the weighing scale.

- You feel alive, you feel active and you feel happy! Every organ in the body needs water.

- Studies have even proved that 37% people mistake thirst for hunger... Well what does that mean? You pack up on unnecessary calories! Water is 0 calories!
So, remember 1 pound of fat is 3,500 calories! better flush it out!


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    Sherwin G.

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    October 2012